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...Unsubtitled, too

3 October 1982
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If I could describe myself in one word, it would be the word "I am a stupid moron who doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'word' and who can't count".
11:11 or 12, alpacas with red scarves, armadillos, assholishness, atheism, avoiding social contacts, being rude, being unstoppable, being unstoppable now, betrayal, big red-assed monkeys, blinking, cats, cow, crap crap, deflowering virgins, disrespecting god, doing the monkey dance, earning respect, eating cake, eating sugar packets, eeping hamsters, everything, exchanging bodily fluids, faking mental disorders, far off stares, fart noises from humping, flipping out, gnashing my teeth, hamster deities, having no soul, his_hamstress, i am a tiger, iahh, ink blot pornography, intelligence, joining the bandwagon, killing grandpas, killing kittens, leprosy, lissa's fuzzy hat, lissa's posterior, lists of mindless interests, literary criticism, literature, logic, lyrics about not stopping, making squirt jump, modernism, mushrooms, negative ice skating commentary, noisily drinking, nose hair, nothing, nothing can stop me, odd-ball observations, offending the elderly, offensive body odors, paperclips, parroting what others say, peeing on trees, phallic objects, pitying the stupid, play doh, playing god, pwning her at tennis, rationality, removing god from pledges, repetitive song lyrics, saying faggot, shaking uncontrollably, shivering my legs, shush your bushe, singing in the car, slappy bracelets, studious shitting, toucan sam, writing, zero tolerance for stupidity